There's no such thing as TMI.

tabú is the sex ed you never had, made fun and relatable. As an educational platform for all things bodies, sex, sexual health, and relationships, tabú connects you with content and experts to answer all those questions that are too "taboo." Sex ed failed us all, but we've got your back.

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Empowering stuff! Read more about why the founders made this app in this Medium article: Check out the video, great initiative!
Mia Davis
Mia DavisMaker@mia_davis · co-founder of tabú
Hi Product Hunters!! I'm Mia - one of the co-founders of Tabú, along with Elise Racine. We are so excited you landed on our page. Thanks for all the support! The sex education system in the U.S. is completely broken, with less than half of U.S. states even requiring sex ed, and only 13 states requiring that the information provided in a curriculum be medically accurate and contain verifiable facts. Further, 87% of programs are abstinence-focused, which entirely leaves out the conversations of consent, birth control, pleasure, and sexual identity. This information gap leaves young people confused and without the necessary knowledge for a safe and healthy approach to sex when they venture off to college, should they choose to engage in the activity. In fact, a recent UK study revealed that 60% of college students turn to porn "because they were curious about sex and wanted to learn more about topics left undiscussed in their public school sex ed courses — specifically, consent and relationships, which were overwhelmingly under-explored." While there is nothing wrong with porn, it is not an effective way to learn about sex, in the same way we don't watch race car movies to learn how to drive a car. This article does a great job of breaking down the issues surrounding sex education: We started Tabú to empower young people to take control of their sexual health by providing answers at their fingertips. We strive to open up the dialogue, and make sex-related topics approachable, modern, and engaging -- effectively, less "taboo." As we like to say, we're bringing sexy sex ed! This initial "launch" is our MVP version of the app, so open to any and all feedback :) Thank you!
Chris Overcash
Chris Overcash@covercash · @DonateStreams, @ProjectBurrito
Here's a direct link to the App Store since the mobile site seems to require a cell phone # in order to obtain the link. Tabú by Mia Davis
Pocket@p0cket · Not the hero Gotham deserves
The linktexting link is dead :\
Mia Davis
Mia DavisMaker@mia_davis · co-founder of tabú
@p0cket fixed it! thanks for letting us know :)