Light diffusing stickers for your MacBook

I finally put my Tabtag on!
Dear hunters and makers, We at tabtag are a bunch of people who believe in self expression, diversity and individual design. We create glowing MacBook stickers which use the glowing apple as light source. You can apply, remove & reuse a tabtag many times. In addition to our growing collection we make individually designed / branded custom tabtags. We love Product Hunt and therefor offer a 50% discount on all our designs on until Xmas. Just fill in the coupon code PRODUCTHUNT during checkout. Please add €2 for international priority shipping. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them. All the best, Volker
@subtileart how can i get in touch with the pr team?
At first I thought this is such a dumb idea.Then after watching the video, I thought that it was pretty clever. I especially like the "On Air" sticker. Cool idea!
@dredurr Thank you for your feedback. You are right, the concept is simple, we are playing with the light and let defined areas of a given design glow, while blocking the light of areas we want to remain dark. However this opens up surprising and original ways to personalise or brand your MacBook.