Light diffusing stickers for your MacBook

#3 Product of the DayJuly 14, 2015
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It'd be nice if I could see the price in USD $ :)
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@hellobrent Thanks for the feedback Brent! We will certainly take your comment into consideration.
Solving a personal pet peeve of people putting thin stickers on top of the Apple light that when the display/light is on show the apple logo under the sticker's design.
This "problem" is easily solved if you order stickers from a company that prints spot colors (PMS). Services like StickerMule and others use a 4 color digital printing method, which is cheaper for low quantity prints and thus more affordable. Spot color printers put an actual layer of paint on the stickers making them opaque in areas you wish to. These guys branded the whole process better :)
They also make custom stickers. I'd love to get some Product Hunt kitty decals. Also worth checking out, Uncover, custom laser cutting for your MacBook.
@rrhoover Definitely was wishing that I could justify Uncover when it first got hunted, thought this would be a good more reasonable solution before possibly going all in.
@benwtnb @rrhoover a big advantage of tabtag is, that they can be removed easily without residue and be reused many times. They are waterproof too, so you can wash dusty tabtags with soap and water.
These are awesome! I don't think there's a 'problem to solve' as such - it's a cool, creative sticker idea in itself : )
@craigjbarber Blush. Thanks Craig! :)