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Tabspace collects and aggregates data on software engineering teams, allowing you to gain quantifiable insights into how engineering teams operate.

Research teams & source roles that fit both your lifestyle ❤️ and your career goals 🚀



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Andy Parkhills@aparkhills · Application Developer
Wonderful idea, but I had to walk around at least 3-4 pages to understand what Tabspace really does and what is in it for me. I believe the message in "Why" tab should somehow be presented on the homepage. Thanks for the great work!
Kyle StephensMaker@ky1e_s · Co-Founder of
@aparkhills Hi Andy. Thanks for taking the time to check out the site. In the long term, when we have more data gathered, the companies will be removed from the homepage (i.e., it will become more of a search) and we hope that this will free up some space to clarify the message. In the meantime, we will have a think about how we can present our message sooner and we will be sure to incorporate this into our next iteration. Thanks so much for the feedback!
Kyle StephensMaker@ky1e_s · Co-Founder of
👋 Hello Product Hunters! :) Tabspace is the first peer review community for software developers. It accepts anonymous reviews of software development teams from current and former employees, allowing employers and prospective employees to gain quantifiable insights into how engineering teams operate. Here is the problem we had as software engineers and solution we came up with. 👽 Problem No two development teams have the same approach to working. The approaches to developing a product and the interactions between the individuals and teams working on products and services vary enormously from company to company. As developers, we would regularly encounter the following obstacles when surveying the market for new roles: - Vague listing with set of generic requirements and benefits - Technical screening call (0.5 hrs - 1 hr) - Code challenge (3 hrs - 4hrs) These obstacles were all BEFORE we got a chance to speak to the company about the team, the role and the company's approach to engineering. We thought to ourselves - this is a lot of effort. Does this company even suit me? Is it worth investing that effort? 🌟 Solution We invite all developers to take a short, structured survey about their experience in their current and former roles. This explores a number of areas of interest such as the approach to engineering, the day-to-day culture, and career opportunities within the team and across the company. This gives us quantitative insights into the workings of engineering teams. We achieve this through an approach similar to agile planning poker which we're calling review poker. ♠♥ Developers are offered a short series of questions and asked to assign a value to the topics using our poker cards. ♣♦ All data is aggregated and kept ANONYMOUS. We take measures to verify the integrity of the feedback and give you confidence in the insights provided by our reviews. These insights will: - Enable developers to get insights into development teams before they even start the interview process - Help developers research teams & source roles that fit their lifestyle and career goals - Enable comparison between different software engineering teams - Allow teams to identify and action any particular trends or areas of concern and to recognise successes
Kyle StephensMaker@ky1e_s · Co-Founder of
Also to note, you’re in with a chance of winning an iPad if you submit an anonymous review on a past or present engineering team. The draw will be made when we hit the first 250 reviews! 😁
Alan O' Rourke@alanorourke · VP of Growth at
Great idea and much needed. Looking forward to using it with the team.
Kyle StephensMaker@ky1e_s · Co-Founder of
@alanorourke Thanks, Alan. Glad you find it useful! We're excited about showcasing great engineering teams.
Adrian Krebs@krebs_adrian · Software Engineer
Cool idea and well done! It's like but for developers. What tech stack did you use?
Kyle StephensMaker@ky1e_s · Co-Founder of
@krebs_adrian Hi Adrian, thanks for the feedback! Yes, you could think of it as a Kununu / Glassdoor meets Stack Overflow Developer Survey! The stack is vanilla JS, some jQuery and D3.js.