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I've been using TabShare all weekend to turn my minimized windows with 5-15 tabs into a bunch of links, nicely named in a folder in my bookmarks bar. I love this idea, @nealrs. Nice work!
Hey folks (and thanks @ZackShapiro), my name is Neal Shyam and I created tabShare. I'd love to get your feedback and answer any questions!
Fixed the link at the top
@nealrs super cool. I see you work on a lot of awesome side projects - any tips/techniques for those looking to do consistent side projects?
@eriktorenberg - Thanks! The #1 tip I have is from @laureltouby: "Each month, the 1st day of the month, assign yourself 3 new technologies/apps you’ve been hearing about -- test drive them. Repeat. "
@ZackShapiro If you haven't had the chance to hear her speak, you're missing out. Laurel pulls zero punches & pushes everyone to be their best self.
@nealrs Any recommended talks/links?
@ZackShapiro I'll have to look & get back to you. I saw her speak at an NYU Stern panel a few years ago.
Site is down for me. But sounds like a solution to a problem I often have, so will check back.
@SacBookReviewer Ross, the original link was incorrect, it should be working now: - Thanks!