Organize and share your bookmarks across any browser

TabsFolders allows users to organize and share bookmarks across any browser and share thousands of bookmarks with friends or colleagues in just 2 clicks, backup all bookmarks automatically, making switching between projects effortlessly.
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A fantastic tool! Great work and good luck Kamil with further development!


I wish I knew it earlier :)

Works well if you are addicted to opening tabs... like me 😅


Works well across multiple browsers. I use Safari and Chrome.


Dark mode would be nice

This looks like something I would've killed for a few years ago, but I don't think this looks different enough (or free enough, haha) to move me from Toby. Just substitute 'folders' for 'collections' 🤷‍♂️
@deejtulleken I was waiting a long time for Toby to release their paid plan, hoping better functionality for team collaboration. That's why I moved towards TabsFolders.
@deejtulleken Thanks for the comment. What features would make it "different enough" for you; we will eagerly add them to the roadmap :)
@chris_moore1 out of interest, what is your team's use case for this kind of tool? @kbukala To be clear, if Toby was paid and I was already using TabsFolders, I would say the same thing about Toby (i.e. not different enough to move me). Maybe that's because I don't understand the enterprise pitch. I know what this is doing for individuals and power users, but if this is solving a regular problem for teams, I've never encountered it before. Different enough to both switch to and then pay for too? I don't have any real frustrations with Toby, so that's tricky, but if I could swap views between your folder tree, a draggable card-based interface like Toby, and a slightly better version of the tab snapshots in TooManyTabs, that would be pretty cool. OneTab also makes it simple to export a tab group as a web page, which I find quite useful. There are a couple of other things I can think of, but you might find them outside of your intended halo of functionality. Basically some kind of Frankenstein's monster of a tab management system would lure me in. Hopefully it would end the following conversation that I have every few months with another friend or colleague: COLLEAGUE: What the-- why do you have 110 tabs open?! ME: I've been looking at 110 pages. COLLEAGUE: You're going to crash your computer. ME: Most of them are suspended with The Great Suspender. COLLEAGUE: Okay, but you can't tell which one is which. ME: I can browse and search tabs using TooManyTabs. COLLEAGUE: Okay, but what about when you need to close 60 of them and save 50 of them? ME: I use Toby or OneTab. ...and so on.
@chris_moore1 @deejtulleken For enterprise we have the sharing feature and soon rolling out team synchronization. In the meantime you can right click on a folder of bookmarks and click the share button. This creates a webpage with the links that your team members can import into their TabsFolders or simply click on from the shared page. The use case is you did research on a topic, with 20 bookmarks and instead of copying 20 links; just share with 3 clicks and send to your colleagues or add to a task note in the task management system you use. (the OneTab functionality you mention). As for Snapshots in TooManyTabs and cards and cards / tree interface we are definitely adding it to the features roadmap. As for the conversation with your colleague you can do this with TabsFolders and The Great Suspender currently - use it myself. In TabsFolders you can select the tabs like files in Finder or Explorer and just drag and drop them to a folder to save, and share with the your colleague :)
Awesome product!!!
@raph1978 Thanks Rafal, glad you like the TabsFolders. Looking forward to making it even better!
@raph1978 If you have any ideas for improvements we would be grateful!
Simply yet effective!!
@dayna_comfort Thank you Dayna :) If you have any ideas for what improvements you would like we would love to hear them.