Markdown notepad in your new tab

Take the notes in your new Tab.
Let the new tab keep you focused on what you want to do.
Increase your productivity.
- Privacy Friendly
- Markdown Preview
- Dark mode
- Auto Save
- Multiple notes.
- Offline Storage
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1 Review5.0/5
Hello everybody, I am the maker of TabNotes. Are you the one who gets distracted from work when you open your browser. It used to happen with me. So I decided to make a chrome extension that will show me a note in the new tab and keep me focused on my work. I can save a note that will remind me of what I was working on. When I open the new tab, it shows me my active note first. Eventually I turned it into a note taking app that helps me take notes without leaving the browser. I hope you like my extension and you’ll find this useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
@bansal_io thanks for building & sharing this minimalist notepad... very useful in my Chrome OS
@psdwizard Thanks for appreciation
Congratos for this!, I'm testing right now and the experience is very good
Love the premise! I'm wondering if the product could retain the Google Apps menu that's included in the default Google Chrome new tabs; I find myself using that to access things like Google Maps and Drive quite often. Otherwise, this seems like my new go-to note-taking app!