Tabler Icons is a collection of over 550 fully customizable SVG icons. You can adjust the size, stroke, color. All icons are open source under MIT license (you can use in private and commercial projects)
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Hi Hunters, First, thank you @moeamaya for the hunt. It's really appreciated. I also would like to thank @ildiesign for all the design tips she provided. I've built this project because I like the Tabler icons set. It contains icons in almost every field and is customizable. I always looking for a solution that helps me to do things faster. As I usually copy/paste SVG icons directly to code instead of downloading them there was a need for the tool that makes it possible with this icon collection. Features: ✅ Change size ✅ Change stroke ✅ Change color (predefined + custom hex colors) ✅ Direct copy to clipboard ✅ Ability to pin the toolbar ✅ Advanced search with support for tags (e.g. you can find "battery" icon by typing one of these: "battery", "energy", "power", "electricity") Stack: VueJs + data in JSON file. Enjoy!
@moeamaya @ildiesign @csaba_kissi Something is wrong with the download. I dont want to say it publicly. Try to download and see the zip content (it includes everything, more than icons). Feel free to contact me privately on twitter.
@prakis yes, it downloads the entire content of the repo from github. Icons are in a icons folder. If you don't want anything else you can download other folders.
This is the most useable icon tool I used so far. I am so glad I no longer have to download an icon to use it in my designs but just paste wherever I need it. I think that’s a neat feature. The icons are gorgeous and the website it’s so pleasant to navigate. Thank you for making this tool, I am using it almost on a daily basis! 😊
@ildiesign Thank you Ildiko for all the feedback you provided.
These are spectacular! Awesome work 👍🏽
@ericalli thank you! And thanks for Pawel @codecalm for making them.