Tabler is Premium and Open Source dashboard template with responsive and high quality UI. For Free!

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Will be great if you attach sketch ui kit, it needs for designer, designer does screens and dev uses your framework
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I love the practical additions Tabler has made to the Bootstrap component library as well as the sensible theme. For my use case, I needed this to work with Ruby on Rails and without the use of Require.js so I built a gem which you can get here (if you have the need):
@themta Kind of new to Rails. Do I understand correctly that if I start a new Rails app, and follow your install instructions, I'll be able to access Tabler components through my Rails App?
Hey @codecalm & @beeman_nl, I'm not the most technical person, so I don't quite get what this is. Can you elaborate on what you've built here?
@jacqvon It's building blocks that helps developers to save their time working on complex user interfaces
@codecalm @beeman_nl @jacqvon This is actually a Bootstrap 4 template that you can use in order to build the user interface of your website (if you're a web developer). It has plenty of available components that you can place where you want and show the data you want so that you're building your website. This is a developer tool.
I think this panel will be very useful for the administrator of the network, the site and will speed up its work.
Great work!!!! But I would love to see Select2 and Dropzone components. What is available in the premium version that isn't in the Open Source version? I can't see any links to the premium version