Tablehero Orders

Turn your restaurant menu into an internet business

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Deap Ubhi
Deap UbhiMaker@deapubhi
Thanks everyone for visiting our Product Hunt page. Tablehero Orders is a restaurant menu-as-a-service, which not only makes restaurant menus mobile-friendly and search optimized, but will also enable your menu for online takeout orders. It requires no hardware or companion app for the merchants; orders are communicated via SMS and email, and a robo-call is placed to the restaurant's business phone number telling the merchant that a new order has been placed. One of our first customers, Avatar's Restaurant in Sausalito, has gotten over $100 in online takeout orders in less than a week - Have a look - or better yet, order some delicious food!
Micah Baldwin
Micah Baldwin@micah · Old Founder. Grey hairs and everything.
@deapubhi what do you see as the primary reason for restaurants to switch off opentable, etc.?
Deap Ubhi
Deap UbhiMaker@deapubhi
@micah Good question Micah. Tablehero Orders does not compete with OpenTable's core product offering for restaurants, their ERB (Electronic Reservations Book). We simply give restaurant menus online revenue-earning capabilities. It's as simple as that. There's little doubt that busy folks enjoy the convenience of paying for stuff online, and there is finally a way for restaurant's to enable commerce on their digital properties without having to alter their operating model. Win-win.