Beautiful restaurant websites with a single click

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Hey Product Hunt community, I'm one of the founders of TableHero. We're very excited about the stuff we're building for small local business owners. Try building a website in less than 10 seconds, and if you're unfamiliar with restaurants in Portland, OR (our beta is limited to Portland), here's a list: Hammy’s Pizza Elephants Delicatessen Sushi Sakura Miyamoto Sushi Portofino Caffe Italiano Grant’s Philly Cheesesteaks Flying Elephants at PDX DarSalam Porto Terra Tuscan Grill Brazil Grill
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@deapubhi very cool -- am sure @turoczy has already seen this (since it's Portland), but if not, hope this helps
@daveschappell @turoczy Thanks a ton Dave!
@daveschappell @deapubhi @turoczy I fully expect an extended piece in Silicon Florist.
@micah @daveschappell @deapubhi Will do! Well, I mean, as "extended" as my posts tend to get ;)
@turoczy @daveschappell @deapubhi thats what she said! Deap meet Rick. He is one of the best people on the planet.
Beautiful functional websites are what they need! Good job guys 😬
Congrats on the launch. Way to go!
@1ndus Thanks man! If you have any feedback or questions, I'd love to field them here on PH :)
Great video! See if you can put it closer to the signup/search bar! The video tells a great story, way better than the request to enter restaurant's name right away. Also, your call to action isn't really about "creating a website", you've already scraped and pre-created them all. It's all about having the owners "Claim" their sites. It's even easier than creating :) ... so maybe just say that?
@kirillzubovsky Clever feedback, Kirill. On the video, good feedback. We do put a link near the search bar, but we will certainly consider bringing the video above the fold. And you're right - we have "pre-created" all PDX websites; but thought the experience of a restaurant owner seeing their website "built" before their eyes would have a magical effect. Do you agree or do you still think it's better to just go with "Claim"?
@deapubhi Here's what I have in mind - - Yes, this looks boring, simple, and like many other websites you may have seen. That's the key! This took me 10 min to put together, so please don't judge the details, but the point is this - make it easy for your customers to learn about your company (video), to get some validation that others are using it (using zagat...etc in this case), explain to them why you're the best for them (quick blurb) and let them sign up (the big bad button). Make it really easy for them to say "YES!" on the first page (click that first button). For more examples, take a look at . Another really good example of how to explain what you do "above the fold" and get your customers' info. Cheers!
@kirillzubovsky @deapubhi Kirill has some good points, interesting mockup too. I think keeping signup bar in the hero is important for conversion. If you implement the video in the hero you'd probably want to remove the background image to avoid clashing, alternatively you can have clips of the video looping as the background image and a video CTA somewhere. All that said, I would do this: align the text field and button horizontally and place an additional button below it that says "or Watch the Video" with a play icon (would keep the overly-used background image style too, because it works). That's my initial thoughts, it's not really *that* important.
@kirillzubovsky Kirill! So humbled that you'd invest even 10 mins to do this mockup. We're talking about this as a team now to see what improvements we can make. Thank you so so much!
@kirillzubovsky Thank you for such an awesome feedback Kirill! I love the copy in the mock. We did explore that option while designing the home page. But we believe that instead of telling the business owners what we can do, we wanted to show them. We just want them to type out their restaurant names because that's where the magic happens. Anytime we showed this to someone, it was an instant sell. But I understand that we should also incorporate some validation and how it works to build trust; will definitely work on it! Thanks again. :)
Looks very promising. Kudos!
@helloanand Thanks brother! Would love any feedback you have, and happy to field it here.