The Table Stakes study by Carta is a deep dive into the data behind gender equity gap, which is bigger than the salary gap. The data is analyzed by: Distribution of wealth, cents on the dollar, cap table millionaires, and team and role breakdowns.
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The team at Carta (disclosure: I work there) has used aggregated and anonymized data from a subset of their overall cap table data (over 320,000 employees, nearly 10,000 companies, and over 25,000 founders) to illustrate the gender equity gap. The study is important to increase transparency and accountability in the venture-backed community. Some of the shocking stats include: • Only 1 in 8 CEOs is a woman, and CEOs get more than double the equity of the next highest compensated executive. • Only 20% of cap table millionaires are women, and of hundred millionaires just 12% are women. • Women employees own just 49 cents in equity for every dollar men own. • Women founders own just 48 cents in equity for every dollar men founders own.