Table for Medium

The easiest way to embed beautiful tables into your stories.

Table for Medium is a tool to easily embed spreadsheets and tables in your Medium posts.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hi there folks, it's Bartek. I'm one of the makers of Table for Medium. We are very proud of it. I hope you will find it useful and will make your posts even more interactive and meaningful. Say no to screenshots if you can embed rich data. All tables come with beautiful fonts, search and sorting features. Here's Medium story with example table - We are happy to answer all your questions!
Looking for an easier way to integrate table in markdown. Any ideas?
@_pascalandy Why markdown when you can use a Google spreadsheet?
@jedrzejurbanski Two different use case. When publishing on a blog, I exclusively write in markdown. Tables are not great in markdown so I was wondering.
I was looking for such kind of tool for a long time, thanks for creating it!
@vladdmytriiev Always happy to help! Keep us in the loop how you like it. 👍
Been using Sheetsu a lot recently, this is a great feature! Looking forward to seeing what the team come out with next :)
@jonbstrong Thanks Jonathan! 😉
Big fan of the Sheetsu guys, they make great stuff! Excited to try this out.
@ryanalam Thank you, Ryan! 😊