Tability for Slack

Track your OKRs, KPIs and initiatives from Slack

Tability is a simple goal-tracking platform for OKRs, KPIs or projects. With our new Slack integration you can save time by:
- Getting your update reminders via DMs
- Share progress from Slack
- Get notified whenever goals are updated
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Hey PH! Our Slack integration is officially published in the Slack marketplace 🎉🍾 We're building Tability to help teams switch to outcome-driven culture with a lightweight, no-BS platform. Happy to know your thoughts!
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Very cool. I think real power is unlocked when OKRs are tied to data coming from salesforce, markets, mixpanel, stripe, etc. any thoughts on making OKRs easy with automated tracking of goals?
@davidu Hey David it's a great question. On the technical side we'll go the other way around by opening our API so that you can update things remotely. It's a bit hard for us to understand and handle all the use cases because the KRs/goals tracked by our customers vary a lot. But we can make it super easy for them to build their own integrations (and we'll create some in the future as we grow). Now, there's another question that is interesting. _Should_ we automate updates? Our answer is generally no because a lot of the value comes from people having to look at the data and offer their perspective: - Are we on-track? - If not, why is that? And what's our action plan? When things are too automated we risk going back to having a bunch of dashboards that are never really looked at by the team. Of course we can have alerts when things go off-track but we believe in the value of having a periodic reminders of what you should be focused on, as well as the enriching data with human feedback. That's not to say that we're fully against automated tracking (also my background is in continuous delivery and automation) but this is a case where we think that a lot of the value comes from looking at progress regularly and sharing feedback with the broader team. To be clear we want to make it as easy as possible to share updates, and there are absolutely valid use cases to automate inputs, but our primary role is to create fast feedback loops on outcomes. Sorry for the long answer!