Focus on outcomes, not outputs

We all get busy during the week working on tasks, emails, chats. Tability makes sure that you keep in mind your goals and track progress regularly. Great teams should be measured on impact, not hours spent in the office!

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Hey Product Hunt! I'm Sten, co-founder of Tability. Tability is a pivot coming out of a previous venture (Squadlytics). Back then we started building a productivity analytics platform but we realized that it was pushing us in the wrong direction (employee tracking 😨). So we pivoted and created something new, to help teams foster a better culture based on impact rather than hours spent at the office. Tability is a versatile goal-tracking platform that is easy to use and simple to get started for all teams. It creates tight feedback loops on goals so that your team can regularly see how they're progressing on their desired outcomes. And if you want to know if a project is on-track/off-track you can see it at a glance with simple red/yellow/green statuses and progress charts. Teams will always get busy with emails, chats, and tickets - but we can help them keep in mind what matters the most.
I love everything about this. Sometimes it's tough to see the top view in the mud. Hope you are all here for a bit.