Human bot hybrid assistant for traveling in Japan 🇯🇵

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Hello hunters! Very happy and excited to share Tabiko at Product Hunt! We are amazed by the positive response from our users and the thousands of chats we did in our first month of release. Looking forward for your reviews and suggestions as to where this tech can go. Product Description: Tabiko is a chat-based assistant for traveling in Japan. Our live agents living in Japan will work with you 1-on-1 to help fulfill your travel-related requests such as planning and booking. Let's travel with Tabiko! ■Chat Concierge Tabiko's chat concierge service is a way to connect with real people living in Japan on the go. With your budget in mind, we can help you book hotels, make table reservations, navigate your way around Japan and much more. ・Sightseeing ・Hotels ・Restaurants ・Shopping ・Transportation ・Wifi & SIM ・Anything You Want ■Booking Made Easy Tabiko is a great place to communicate and receive assistance with your booking arrangements. Our agents will help guide you through the entire process as well as providing you with the ability to confirm bookings directly through the chat. ■Supported Languages ・English ・繁體中文(中国語) ■Basic Hours for Immediate Chat 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM (Local Time in Japan)
Definitely could have used this when I visited Tokyo a few years ago. I wandered the city. Still had a good time though. 😊
@rrhoover thanks! Let us know if you are visiting Japan again. We'll hook you up for our soon to come premium service for free ;)
I thought this was a bot, but I can see you have live agents, which is awesome! But I imagine it won't stay free forever then, what's the pricing model is going to be like?
@doutatsu Thanks for checking us out! It means a lot to us! Yes, it's actual humans for now but we will be moving to a bot and human intervention type system soon. The bot will certainly reduce operation costs but the human part we think is required for now because of the complexity of the questions we are asked and the ever-changing travel information and conditions. Of course, if the bot gets better, why now give all the work to it... When it comes to the business model, we are looking at three segments 1) Free chat service for credits which you can get by watching ads (we can present the most accurate video or campaign ads because we know the user well. coz you know, we chat with them). 2) Premium monthly subscription plans. This is very simple, where the user can subscribe monthly and have his own agent all time for his travel. 3) Affiliate commissions from bookings. What do you think? Are there any other channels or segments we can look into that you know of?
@yuki_katano That sounds great. I think it'll be good to have something more flexible to monthly subscription plans. I imagine a lot of people who are coming to Japan for a holiday, would want to use the app. Hence say paying to get unlimited access for 1 day, 5 days, 2 weeks, etc would make it easier compared to paying for a month, when say I am in Japan only for a week.
@doutatsu Thanks for the reply! Yes, we have shorter subscription plans in mind as well. But one interesting thing we would like to share with you is, majority of our users chat with us 2-3 months ahead of their travel dates and that's why the monthly segment is important and the earlier mention of monthly plan. Thanks for the suggestion again. We are brainstorming on the same! :)
Hey guys! Do you have a web version of this? or probably on any messaging platform? Neat idea though. We are trying to do something similar for Bangalore.
@jindalish We have our service on Facebook Messenger, LINE and on our Japan travel media site as well. I am writing the links below. As a matter of fact we validated the idea on these other platforms first (quick and easy), then decided to have a dedicated product for the service. Other Platforms - messenger (for English speaking users) : LINE (for Chinese) : Travel Magazine (Popup on bottom right) : Are you trying to build one for Bangalore as a city explorer? or for something specific like food, travel etc. will you be going completely bot first? thanks for the comment :)
@abasa ありがとうございます!