Tabby by Tability

Your friendly focus assistant

Tabby is a focus assistant that makes sure that you never forget what matters the most for your business.

Once you add goals to Tability, Tabby will do the following:

* Send reminders to goal owners and ask you to share updates

* Suggest actions depending on context

* Clean up the things that you don't care about anymore

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Hi PH! Having a North Star is a great way to get a team on the same page and do big things. But distractions comes in as soon as you start working on it (emails, meetings, bugs, support...). We can't get rid of those because that's part of building a business, but we can make sure that you keep in mind what matters the most for your team. We built Tabby as part of Tability, a platform to track your long-term goals in a simple and easy way. Really keen on getting your feedback!
I like your character sooo much! It looks so cute and friendly! Really want to use your app 😁 Good job!
@ivan_bilak1 we'd be super happy to get you on board! You can sign up for free at Just hit me up if you need some help!
Very cool concept. Do you have templates for common goal systems (specifically OKRs)?
@raylieburger you can definitely use Tability for OKRs! We’ve been a bit slow on updating our doc but I’d be happy to send you an example. We’re also talking to different teams to see how they compare in terms of long-term goals management, and identify the gaps. I’d love to know more about how you work at Capterra if you have some time.