Tab Talk

SMS based dining assistant in Toronto

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Brad WishenFounder, TasteToronto
Awesome add-on to a great app!
Joe RideoutCo-Founder, Relay GIF Messenger
I had the chance to try this out over the weekend and I really enjoyed it. What I thought was neat was that I asked for a reservation at one place and because there was no availability it recommended another, similar restaurant. My wife and I ended up trying a new place and really enjoyed ourselves. I find that we never end up trying enough new places because doing research/reading yelp reviews/etc always seems like daunting task during the week and by the time Saturday night rolls around we haven't made reservations anywhere. I'm sure there are lots of apps out there that recommend restaurants based on your other likes/tastes, but getting it through an SMS/chat interface made it seem like something I'd be more likely to use regularly. I wonder if the makers plan to do more with recommendations through this UI or just focus on reservations for now?
Adam Epstein
Co-Founder of Tab
@jnugget Hey Joe - Glad to hear you had an awesome experience :) - We're always looking at way to make our recommendation engine more sophisticated. At the moment, we index previous dining history as well as similar diners to you to ascertain an appropriate recommendation. Naturally, with any recommendation service the more data points we have, the more we'll be able to personalize the recommendations to suit your dining preferences in the future both in app and via SMS.