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Beautiful /r/EarthPorn of our planet in every new Chrome tab

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The first contender to replace my Product Hunt tabs extension. Beautiful photos of our planet in every new tab. Each photo is sourced from the users of and credit goes to each user for every photo. Made by Ryan Dury. He may make an appearance.
Thanks for sharing! I built this because I found myself not having the motivation to explore /r/earthporn as a task in itself, but knew I was missing out on some really beautiful photos. In retrospect, it also gives contributors a fair platform where their picture can be seen with as much chance as one with 100x more upvotes. Interestingly, some of the most beautiful shots i've discovered through this are also the ones that were hardly upvoted. Finally, it reminds me to take a pause between tasks (or tabs), to really appreciate our planet. Hoping to keep it lightweight, but have some things planned for the next update. Already in the works is a settings page to: - Activate additional subreddits (however earthporn will prob. stay as the only default setting) - Enable the recent website view, for those who use it (not on by default) There is a thread on /r/earthporn if you'd like to make any other suggestions. Happy tabbing :)
Niiice. Bookmarked for when I get tired of Earth View by Google Maps. I wish my new tabs could alternate between the two!
@stttories I realize that will be an evolving issue, when this concept becomes more popular.. We will need an aggregator to aggregate the aggregators! Alligator!
After seven days, earthporn is officially my new tab screen. I love it so much that I have feature requests: Login - Connect this to my reddit account. I would enjoy reddit so much more as a decentralized ux like this. Upvote - It would be bad ass if you could up/down the photo on your account. Show/post comments - Same as above, especially with EarthPorn, I find myself wanting to learn more about that place, so instead of going to Wikipedia (maybe wiki integration as well?), would be amazing if that content was inline. Back button - Enable back button in the browser so you can click back to see just the last photo. No other browsing necessary imo, serendipity of ctrl+t has me hooked. Invite/share - An easy way to tell my friends to try this. Lastly, one idea. You could pay for your servers with a travel affiliate link program. It could improve the ux while generating revenue. For example, if I am interested in reviews of Adelboden, Switzerland, I can click out to TripAdvisor. If I want to check flight/accommodation costs, click out to Hipmunk/Expedia. And all of the above has to be done without too much overlay on the photo itself.
the maker, @ryandury is on the thread cc @eriktorenberg
@guygal @ryandury he can now comment!