Tab Manager Plus is for the regular Chrome Tab addict. Too many tabs? How to quickly filter them? With Tab Manager plus, of course.

Lost a tab in a window for the 500th time? Just open TMP and start typing right away. It'll match all open tabs by title and url. You can even make it work with incognito tabs - if you want.

Handy little Tab Manager.

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👋 Hi Product Hunters, This is the one extension I can't live without. It's an open sourced upgrade of the original Tab Manager, which was taken down a year ago from the Chrome webstore due to malware. After losing this handy extension, I felt like a part of my Chrome suddenly went missing. It's just so simple to see all the open tabs that are open in a simple popup, and to start typing to match e.g. all "twitter" tabs right away. Little handy helpers : - Open the popup and start typing right away. You'll see all matching tabs highlighted and can move them to a new window by pressing "enter" - Find duplicate tabs easily - See a tab counter in the top of the screen. Mine shows a little bit over 100 right now 😅 It's not always like this, I swear. - You can also limit the maximum tabs per window, e.g. if you hit tab 15, it will automatically move it to a new window instead. No more favicon hunting for the right tab! - Select multiple tabs with the right mouse key and then... close them, or group them by pressing "enter" - "Only one active window" mode, which will automatically minimize all other windows And many more. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😄 Markus
I´ve tried many different tab managers for chrome so far. I´ve kicked each of those out of my browser after a day or so. But this one is here to stay! Got used after a few hours already and its always saving me time. Great job!
@jensger thank you for the nice words! ❤