Tab for a Cause

Raise money for charity with each new tab you open

Tab for a Cause allows you to turn your internet browsing into a charitable act. With Tab for a Cause you will have a customizeable new tab page with beautiful background images, notes, bookmarks, and to-dos, plus two small banner ads. We collect the revenue from the banner ads and donate it to your choice of 8 partner charities.

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I love the simplicity behind this: donating to charity just by changing your new tab page. I also like how they've gamified it - levelling up by donating hearts.
@riaface Thanks for sharing us with Product Hunt! We appreciate the support!
@groth_alex @riaface i know this is super late, but this is awesome. i just was searching for charity related things on product hunt and came across this. really cool. im working on a similar concept for feeding the hungry (but not related to opening new tabs like you guys) and would love to connect!
I really hope @todayintabs puts this in the newsletter.
I cant tell how it works. Does it have advertising? Anyway great idea!!
@DesignUXUI Yup, you will see two display ads in the bottom right corner of the new tab page. We use that revenue to support the charities. You'll be amazed how many tabs you open every day!
Interesting idea. Charity work keeps finding new ways to raise money, and its good that its evolving with interesting technology.
I love this idea!