Find bars & local nightlife (NYC only)

Hi I'm Max, Co-Founder of TAABS. It used to be way too hard to answer the question, "Where should we go tonight?" TAABS was created in New York City to make it faster and easier to find bars that match exactly what you are looking for. Rather than crowdsourcing reviews, we provide curated content in the form of searchable keywords, insider notes, and professional photos. With the newest app update, you can now find bars with Happy Hour going on anytime, anywhere, throughout NYC. Check us out @TAABS_nyc
Good looking product with a lot of handy filters. What inspired you to build Taabs? Why will this replace Foursquare & Yelp when I'm searching for places to grab a drink?
Thanks @harryraymond for your post and comment! Max and I were inspired to build TAABS because we were tired of the clutter, bias, and inaccuracy of Yelp, Foursquare, and other venue search solutions. As native New Yorkers, we were often the ones our friends came to asking for recommendations on places to go. About a year ago, we decided to put our knowledge to work and began building our own search solution. By streamlining our own proprietary data collection process, we have compiled content from every nightlife venue in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. No more sifting through long reviews. No more biased and inaccurate information. TAABS provides 150 searchable keywords, insider notes, and professional photos to make finding places to go faster and easier than ever before.
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Download the free iPhone app here: http://bit.ly/downloadTAABS