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Taab, which stands for travel-as-a-benefit™, is a travel and vacation focused employee benefit that increases employee productivity and decreases employee burnout. Similar to a 401k or HSA, employees contribute to their Taab account from each paycheck with their employer making a matching contribution. These funds are then available to the employee through a Taab issued debit card which will be approved for vacation related expenses (think flights, hotels, cars & cruises) and declined at non-travel related merchants (such as Best Buy, Apple, Target). We have been piloting Taab since last year with incredible results and are now ready to share it with you. Interested employers can schedule a demo on Taab’s website today. Employees that want Taab as an employee benefit can enter to have Taab fund the first $500 to their Taab card if they are the first to submit their company on Taab’s website. Here are some facts and stats to share with your HR / benefits manager: Nearly half of HR leaders attribute up to ½ of their employee turnover to employee burnout. Employee burnout affects 95% of all businesses. 4 out of 5 workers say they would prefer new benefits over a pay raise. Nearly 3 in 5 people report benefits and perks being among their top considerations before accepting a job. 96% of employees say they are motivated by travel incentives, and 72% who earn the reward say they feel increased loyalty to the company. Study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology reported that, the less employees detach psychologically during off-hours, the higher their emotional exhaustion is in 12-months’ time. More than 70% of American workers who received paid time off did not take all of their allotted time last year, despite the obvious personal benefits. The psychological and physical problems of burned-out employees, costs an estimated $125 - $190b a year in healthcare spending. 75% of the causes of employee turnover are preventable.
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@drudalton perhaps a dumb question, how do you pronounce it?
@dzohrob Hey Dave, not a dumb question at all, it's pronounced "tab".
Love this! Would take travel over 401k any day of the week.
@_mrdidi Thanks for the support Didi!
This honestly should have been a thing since ever at sooooo many companies. Its weird that companies are JUST now learning that humans are...well human, and that treating them as such will make life better for everybody. And their pockets in the long run (reducing churn,burnout, ect;) Awesome project!
@cellus_christie Couldn't agree more Cellus! Thanks for the support!!!
This is a really neat idea. It's always nice to take some time off and clear you mind. My favorite place to do that is camping out in the woods. What is everyone's ideal vacation?
@jakecrump Glad you dig it Jake. Having four young kids, my favorite place is anywhere with a pool to keep the kids occupied 😉
@jakecrump - Cabin in the woods over a tent any day for me!!
@jakecrump I just took my wife to Oregon for a week long getaway that was paid for 100% with TAAB contributions. It's suuuch a rad benefit!
@jakeleboeuf Looked like an amazing trip Jake, glad Taab was able to help make it happen!
Remarkable idea. All of my employees are now talking about this and begging me to implement it :) Amazing way to recruit and hold talent...exapecially with the current talent wars in big cities. Congrats!
@ryan_hungate Thanks Ryan! We'd love to see the amazing team Simplifeye enjoying it!