System and Security Info

An app that tells you if your iPhone was hacked 🔍

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Not the most creatively named app, but a useful tool for anyone that's using a second-hand iPhone or the paranoid. Credit to @lorenzofb via his article on Motherboard.
Apple just banned System and Security Information from the App Store. From the article in Fortune: "The company removed System and Security Information from its App Store on Saturday, saying the program had violated Apple’s guidelines, according to the app’s creator Stefan Esser. Apple AAPL -0.60% said the program could “provide incorrect diagnostic information or other inaccurate device data,” according to a copy of the message from Apple that he posted online. The company also cited a rule that bans apps that “contain false, fraudulent, or misleading representations or use names or icons similar to other apps.”
If this wasn't on the app store, I'd say it might install malware itself. In all seriousness, I hope this bring attention to the fact that any device can be "hacked", regardless of the manufacturer. An unsecured iPhone/Mac has a bigger chance of being infected than an Android device/PC that's secured with an antivirus software and a security conscious user.