Keep wine perfectly fresh weeks after opening the bottle.

Syphon allows you to enjoy a glass of wine today and save the rest for later – whether that’s tomorrow, next week, or a month from now. Our patent pending system uses the same high-quality preservation methods as your favorite wineries, making it easy for you to enjoy a glass of wine any day of the week without committing to the entire bottle.

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Hey everyone, we're excited to launch Syphon today. Wanted a simple way to pour a glass of wine without having to finish the bottle. It fills your bottle of wine with argon as you pour a glass. This is the same stuff wineries use during the bottling process and keeps wine fresh for weeks after opening. Happy to answer any questions about making Syphon or how we went about the design process. We're entirely crowdfunded which means it's just us and you!
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Thomas KimuraFreelance Web Designer
Worked with Daniel on a few changes for his website pre-launch. Really exciting to see this go live!