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I made Synonymful to improve the vocabulary of my essays, seminar papers and pitches. It was very exhausting to constantly Google "synonyms for XX". I simplified this process with Synonymful, beautiful and elegant cross-platform app. Feedback is warmly appreciated.

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I imagine it only works in English, any chance to add other sources for other languages? In my case, interested in Spanish. ;)
Makes the writing of essays a pleasure.

maybe if I find any word from the definitions, and I double click on them, or click them with any preset keys (like ctrl+click or alt+click), that word gets all its synonyms listed down.


simple floating workspace


haven't used that much to write a con for now

Will it be coming to windows 10 soon or not ?
Hey @ayush_chandra! Synonymful is available on all platforms, including Windows 10! You can find appropriate download links on our webpage
So you couldnt just keep open in background or split screen? Not sure I see use case for bringing a website to desktop app.
@jamescampbell Good question. Synonymful is an aggregate of multiple synonym sources combined with synonym definitions from dictionary. One website like was never enough for me. When I Googled "synonyms for XX" I had to open first 10 results to find the word I was looking for.
@kr1stjans nice thats makes more sense then. Ive had similar issues myself. Ten synonyms for a word when i want to see ALL of them.