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Instant Music for your production, created by real musicians

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Hi - would love feedback on Synkio's Library. Unlike other production music libraries, it's populated by real, authentic musicians from around the world and hand curated by passionate music experts. You can use the music for your next indie film, video production, game or startup video. We'd love to chat or hear your feedback.
I can see this being very useful, especially if you are bootstrapping a media project. Good music for reasonable fees, keep it up.
@jydesign Thank you James. Synkio Library is designed to be fast and accessible. If you want professional music from globally known artists, Synkio does that too at Agencies and brands such as Vice, Google and Apple have created projects to which all sorts of major label artists, their representatives and the likes of movie composers can respond, so you can literally get anything you want.
big fans over here at @muzeekhq - although we're in different industry segments, I've personally been following your progress. I think music syncing is ripe for this type of innovation! congrats on all the work.
@dannyfiorentini Thank you Danny. Incidentally I'm of the view that Live Music - booking and logistics is ripe too. I'll spend some time with Muzeek. Appreciate the support!
@perreau cheers! Actually now that I think of it, we briefly met at SXSW in 2014 - it was that panel talk "What Comes First: Music or The Platform." (I had to go back and research that!) We were in baby stages then but distinctly remember us exchanging cards and saying we'll link back up when things were up and running on our side. The Product Hunt boomerang! :)
@dannyfiorentini Yes we did! I remember that, maybe even SxSW 2013? Great to be reacquainted!