Finally, Clippy for Google Apps!!!

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A more accurate tagline would be "Google Apps training for your entire organization" but I miss Clippy. Synergyse has been quietly building this for a year and just hit the million user mark (medium article above on how they did it). It's basically a chrome extension that overlays on any Google App and walks you through a step-by-step. The tutorial library is incredibly comprehensive. Founder is on the thread today, @majidmanzarpour if you have any questions. He was previously an IT lead at Google and left to build this. cc @rrhoover @eriktorenberg majid doesn't have the ability to comment so perhaps you could hook him up Fun fact, I went to high school with Majid! We were the comm tech geeks. I hadn't seen him in years and years and he found me on Product Hunt... Friend Hunt!
@guygal he's all set to comment. Guy Gal I'm hoping all the Girls that Got Away are now going to message me in droves b/c of Product Hunt.
@eriktorenberg Date Hunt.The product extensions are endless. You mean to suggest they haven't messaged you yet?!
@eriktorenberg thanks for access, I believe we had a brief chance to chat before about and my previous startup, I think what you guys have going here is great. @guygal thanks for your support and eloquent description of the Synergyse solution :) I'm excited to hear feedback from the Product Hunt community and further expand on our mission to teach the world how to use technology.