Releasing the talent in your Startup

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Carlos Rojas
Carlos RojasMaker@carlosrojas_o · Carlos Rojas
Hi, I'm Carlos Author of this book. This book is a compilation of my 4 years of experience as Project Manager, when I worked with small teams that created a larger number of value propositions than other bigger teams; and also my experience as blogger for “”, which allowed me to investigate many interesting topics, such as: Simplicity, Creativity, Productivity, and Leadership. Synergize is the presence of positive synergy in work teams, in which the results obtained by the team’s interaction surpases what each member could have done by himself. This book is meant to be a tool and a reference for teams from 2 to 5 people that want to learn to develop products and/or services, and who want innovation to be what sets them apart from the rest
León Hernández
León Hernández@leonfhl · Tech and dreamer guy
Great resource Carlos, thank you!
Carlos Rojas
Carlos RojasMaker@carlosrojas_o · Carlos Rojas
@leonfhl Thank u for comment :)