Build a podcast out of Youtube videos πŸŽ™

Syncr is a multi-platform tool that stitches together a podcast from a bundle of your favorite YouTube videos that you can listen to anywhere at anytime.

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Hello PH, launching second time this year :) I've made Syncr within 24 hours! @levelsio put out a message on @wipchat, with a product request and I fulfilled it in a day! Syncr is a store for all the interesting content you find. You can create your own, personal podcast with it, or you could use it as a service to keep your music synced between all your devices! The first 5 can use the code PH499 to get Syncr for $4.99, for the first month Let me know what you think πŸš€
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Is it possible to record text in-between the songs?
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@razkarmi Didn't get what you mean... Can you elaborate?
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@jajoosam if i would like to record myself saying a few words before each song...
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@razkarmi Ah I see. No, it's not possible...
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Great job!! 😊 Would love a demo video of this ? 😊
@ayush_chandra Does the gif on the landing page work for you?