Compare music libraries with your friends



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Sam SchmirHunter@samschmir · 🤖 Bot connoisseur
Synchronicity is the first iOS app that makes it easy to compare Apple Music libraries with your friends, over iMessage or WiFi. Features include but are not limited to: • Simple, easy way to discover new music. • Share/compare Apple Music libraries via WiFi or iMessage. • “Synchronicity Index” tells you how much your taste in music overlaps. • Color-coded results show Shared Artists, Albums and Songs, as well as music in individual libraries. • Easily access links to download, purchase or play music that is not in your library. • Build shared playlists. • Synch with up to 6 people at once.
Angela GyetvanMaker@notgyet13 · Founder & President, Digital Whisper
Hi, PH'ers: we're very excited about @syncmusicapp & would love for you to check it out w/your friends and give us feedback! #ProductHunt