Compare music libraries with your friends

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Synchronicity is the first iOS app that makes it easy to compare Apple Music libraries with your friends, over iMessage or WiFi. Features include but are not limited to: • Simple, easy way to discover new music. • Share/compare Apple Music libraries via WiFi or iMessage. • “Synchronicity Index” tells you how much your taste in music overlaps. • Color-coded results show Shared Artists, Albums and Songs, as well as music in individual libraries. • Easily access links to download, purchase or play music that is not in your library. • Build shared playlists. • Synch with up to 6 people at once.
Hi, PH'ers: we're very excited about @syncmusicapp & would love for you to check it out w/your friends and give us feedback! #ProductHunt

And it's created by two young twin entrepreneurs who've developed apps before.


Fun way to share and compare music libraries with friends


Don't know if there are competitors....