SyncBird Pro is one-stop iPhone manager that's made to sync content without iTunes, free up storage, and create instant backups for any iOS device.

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Dear all, We are from a small team named MiniCreo, the builder of SyncBird. We decided to build this macOS app because of a review of iTunes 11.2 by Peter Cohen from "I think iTunes is profoundly broken and has just gotten worse over the years. A bloated patchwork, iTunes tries to do too many things and does too many of them poorly. It’s become Apple’s catch-all for media, applications, tethered syncing of iOS devices and iPods and more. And don’t even get me started on iTunes Match. I’ve made my case separately for why I think Apple should follow its approach with iOS and try to divide iTunes’ capabilities into different applications." So would iTunes be a better product if it could get a revamped design? Check out how we rethink iTunes with our SyncBird Pro: 1. Manage music, photos, videos contacts, messages and all iOS data in one place, instead of doing it separately in iTunes, Photos, iBooks, and App Store. 2. Sync iPhone, iPad, iPod music and other media content with drag-n-drop, and with the Two-way transfer. 3. Offer an ability to explore iTunes backups, for viewing and exporting important personal files, like contacts, text messages, notes, bookmarks, etc. 4. Regularly clean up an iOS device to reclaim more free storage on iPhone, iPad. 5. Slim down iTunes library by removing broken downloads, backups, iOS updates, iTunes Extras, orphaned app files and another type of iTunes junk. Wish you may like this piece of software and let us know if you have any further thoughts on rethinking iTunes. Thanks for your viewing and voting :) Kelly MiniCreo
@kellywoods20 thank you kindly for taking the time to bldg this software. We all appreciate the effort. Look forward to testing this out.