Scalable backend to build complex apps with frontend code.

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Mariusz Wiśniewski
Mariusz WiśniewskiMaker@lifcio · Engineer at Syncano
Hey there! full disclosure, I work at Syncano. So we think Parse is great for basic app needs like data storage, or implementing push notifications etc. With Syncano, you have the ability to create more advanced apps - the data models can be more complex, and we can actually sync your data. You can send and receive real-time updates, something you cannot do with Parse. Here's a simple demo in JS so you can play around with it: Let me know what you think!
Gabriel Dillon
Gabriel Dillon@gjdillon · Co-founder,
Great job, Mariusz and team! I've had a great time working with you folks. Looking forward to all the great apps built with Syncano.
Donald Pinkus
Donald Pinkus@donald_pinkus
When should somebody use Syncano instead of Parse?
Firas Al Mannaa
Firas Al Mannaa@firasalmanna · Android Developer, gistic
What I love about Syncano is that they had a unique collection of tools on one platform. you have a real-time database, with push notification, cloud scripts with multiple languages, and good pricing. Great job guys.