Sync Footwear

The coolest app controlled LED shoes you've ever seen

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Well, these are clearly the coolest shoes ever. I want.
Thanks for hunting us @nivo0o0" ... I had always noticed those crazy kid shoes with lights and thought why can't I have a pair. So after the App, Circuit board, LED and Bluetooth technology caught up with my idea, Sync Footwear was created. Now I have my own Led shoes except these will Sync the Led's to your phones music playlist or pull from the phones mic and Sync the Led's to live music. - David Panettiere - Sync Footwear - "Sync Your Sole"
@david_panettiere wait so when a song is playing, the LED lights know how to react to it? i.e. like club lights, but on your feet?
@nivo0o0 Yes the Led's in the Shoes react to live music
Sickest partyshoes ever! #ibiza #mykonos and your kickstarter campaign will be overfunded in minutes πŸ‘πŸ‘ oh yes oh yes
@krmneimneh Man thank you for the info. I have to be completely honest with everyone here. So I know we have the craziest shoes out now and yes I love the shiftwear product, but for party shoes Sync Footwear is over the top. The problem I have is all my time and money has been spent in product development and not social media or PR. I plan to run another campaign in the future and will try and find help but I have no experience with PR and social Media. Here is an example for you how inexperienced i am at this, I placed a simple video on my Facebook page showing the functions of the product. 3 days later not having a clue 50,000 views. I know there is interest and I know my product can get a ton of attention but I just need to find some help. If anyone has any advice please let me know. David Panettiere
For some reason I can't find a buy button on the site. @david_panettiere can you please link it?
@mrsharma If you click on any of the kickstarter links next to buy now it will take you to our kickstarter campaign.
@david_panettiere Ah, gotcha. Thank you!
@david_panettiere @mrsharma Sorry, I can't find the link either. Maybe I am blind. There is no "buy now" link on your front page?
@tribaling @mrsharma Ok I will fix the link tonight sorry about this
No doubt a group of people will make these shoes looks ridiculous 😞 Although they are pretty crazy as it is