Sync by BitTorrent

Fast, private file sharing for teams and individuals

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Hi Product Hunters! My name is Erik Pounds and I am the VP of Sync at BitTorrent. This product is the result of two years of hard work, and the team is very proud that we’ve created a fully private alternative to public cloud storage. It moves files directly from device to device, so it’s fast and no data or information about you is ever stored on a central server. I’d love to know what you think about Sync, and I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Sync is free to use, but if Product Hunters would like to take advantage of Sync Pro functionality, you can use this code on to get 25% off. 3m6kEfqs
I keep reading about people who use Sync as a home made Dropbox replacement (a RaspberryPi running Sync and a NAS attached to it)
I'm surprised this hasn't been posted.. very interesting angle they are taking. "Device to device. Skip the cloud."
This is a very cool application of their tech applied to a SaaS model. BitTorrent has awesome tech applied to a debatable biz model and market. Love to see them try this pivot.
It's an awesome piece of software, it works and it's fast. I've been using the beta since the first public release. But since they released 1.0 they also started charging a yearly fee. I wouldn't mind paying for an app and every major release, but a yearly fee for an app is just silly. I switched to syncthing and although it's a little more difficult to set up, it works the same and is equally awesome.
@hsl the yearly fee is just for their "pro" upgrade.