Broadcast your content with zero data footprint 🔗

#3 Product of the DayNovember 17, 2018

The process of transferring content between multiple devices is tedious. Sync lets you upload photos and speak-to-text on one device and share it in real-time to another. It’s that simple.

Need to send an image from your laptop to your phone? Sync and done. You can instantly share your content over multiple devices. It's real-time and fast.

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Hello people! I built Sync as a side project when I came across the stated problem. Try it and let me know how you find it to be! Cheers! 🔗
@mohitkarekar hi mohit. Thank you for making this! I feel like your description doesn’t do this wonderful product justice. I’m taking a guess that English may not be your first language and I don’t want people to miss out on this! I am happy to email you and provide updated web copy for you. No charge. Just want to help out a nice, smart person who built something I will use.
@prsarahevans Hello Sarah! Would really love if you could help! I'll send you my email id. Thanks!
I use telegram with saved messages for this purpose.
A good product. Isn't this the same problem statement that Drew Houston used for building Dropbox? I guess it is.
I'd like to know the exact problem that it solves. For sharing images and text with other people's devices, it seems like a tedious task to scan QR codes and create rooms with them. Sending these over Whatsapp/email would seem like a lot easier. This technology though could be leveraged in the enterprise space for sharing documents over with multiple people. There could be other enterprise players doing this already, but a better product could still take a good market share. For sharing files and images on multiple of your own devices, I think Dropbox does a good job at this. I believe that the speech - to - text feature seems interesting and could be used for a lot of things. Best of luck building!
@siddharth_mungekar1 My inspiration for building Sync was the difficulty I used to face whenever I wanted to share a quote from Medium or a web link, from my laptop to phone, for text. I used to struggle when I wanted this to happen instantly, like sharing a nice article to someone on Instagram chat (just an example). Speech-to-text feature, I believe, can be helpful while conducting conference meetings or while narrating text for note making purpose. Also, I did occasional graphic designing, and I frequently wanted to share the images I created on Photoshop/web converters to my phone. I used to mail them to myself, or as you suggested, upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox. Gradually my inbox started blowing up in size, filled with the mails including attachments I had sent to myself. I agree, mailing to self keeps a copy on the cloud, but many-a-times I did not want to use up my storage, and merely wanted an instant share and view feature. This encouraged me to add image support to Sync, where there's no data being saved anywhere. Plus, since this is on the Internet, it is remotely accessible (unlike Bluetooth). And you rightly said, QR codes are a bit of a pain. Hence I made the unique ids being generated to be human readable, so that you can just remember them and type into the other devices. To sum up I would say, Sync wins at the 'zero data footprint' part. We generally share stuff and forget that we did, and our cloud storage goes on filling until a point we have to delete some of the stuff. I am planning to add additional features, like other media formats support, seeing the positive response 😃
Its real time 😍