Personalized travel recommendations with built-in concierge

Thanks @thetwopct and hello everyone here on Product Hunt! I'm especially excited to have something I made shared here on this dynamic community. What is Symphony? It's a personal travel recommendation and concierge app that learns about your tastes through a very simple and intuitive swipe interface! ("Tinder for travel", there I said it 🙃) We've built a really beautiful UI that I can't wait to see other apps implement as well. And the most compelling feature of the app is the built-in concierge, Ludwig, who will arrange everything from hotel bookings to restaurant reservations for you. @marc_mekki and I are happy to answer any questions and of course receive feedback so we can improve the app - we've got some major features in the pipeline and we're just getting started!
Download Symphony and have a chat with Ludwig van Beethoven! Bet you didn't think he was still around for a conversation... Thanks to @thetwopct and the PH community