Create amazing songs only with your voice thanks to AI

Symphonia is a music-making app that enables you to compose music only with your voice, without playing any instrument. You just need to sing a melody and Symphonia automatically detects what you sing and transforms it into beautiful instruments instantly.
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24 Reviews5.0/5
Seems like a really fun app!
@ralph_jerome_de_castro : Thank you for your comment ! Yes, we confirm : it's pure FUN ! :)
This is next level autotune. Will play with it later today.
@rrhoover : Thank you so much for your comment Ryan ! Hope you’ll like it :)
wow this looks amazing !! would try it out
@shubham_mayekar : Thank you so much :)
This product would really make a blast with the user since everyone loves to sing. Seem amazing.
@themukeshupadhyay : Many thanks for your comment ! Indeed, singing is so natural. Kids sing from their early age. Parents spontaneously invent songs to make them fall asleep. People sing when they feel happy. Everybody sings unconsciously at a moment within a day. And we believe that everybody is able to create music, wether they are musicians or not ! That’s why we thought it would be good to democratise music making by simply transforming singing into songs :)
@themukeshupadhyay @stevie_tmn amazing idea, with lots of market potential. Congrats!
I started playing guitar a couple years ago and now I'd love to start composing my own pieces. I randomly found this app and I absolutely love it! I have created a very cool comp piece only a couple hours after I logged in for the first time. I'd love to see new features in the foreseeable future!
@aurelie11 : Thank your very much for your comment. Really glad to read user feedback like this :)