Symbol Organizer

Organize your symbols and layers.

Symbol Organizer is a Sketch plugin which organizes your symbols page alphabetically (including layer list) and into groupings determined by your symbol names.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hunted just so I could add it to this request for recommendations.
This is the most glorious thing imaginable. I had an unruly list of about 180 symbols that were used for nesting inside of another symbol and in about 2 seconds this went through and organized everything beautifully. So happy to have something like this. Thanks @chrismessina for hunting it!
what's the purpose of it?
@manikkumark it neatly organizes all of your Sketch symbols.
I'd like to know more about this project. How exactly would it work and how a user would benefit from using it?
@learnuxio do you use Sketch?

Doesn’t only help you organise them in a need layout, but also removes unused symbols.


Easy and efficient.


Would be amazing to rename bulks of symbols. i.e. make them all lowercase