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#3 Product of the DayNovember 30, 2015

Collaborating online has never been easier: reach anyone instantly, no install or sign up required with

Simply create a room and share the link. ✉️

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how many people can join at a same time?
@akashnishar Hi! For the moment, our technical limit is 15 people at the same time, but obviously it depends of your internet connection :-) We love feedback (twitter, facebook, email)
@matthieublanco Can you tell us the story behind the creation of Synlaps😀?
@akashnishar I want to know too! Would be a great alternative to Gotomeeting
@vahen @akashnishar Yes with pleasure. We're working on the new website with all this information, the team, etc. :-) Sylaps started in 2013 when @hthetiot realized that the video-conferencing user experience is broken. You need to hustle your clients, customers and teammates with installing plugins, entering long ID code or adding people to an address book. Just to have a video meeting with them when it actually works. And today’s real-time communication requires strong security and privacy standards and at the same time, low latency and high quality in a heterogeneous device operating system and networks landscape. So he decided to build Sylaps to provide a simple yet powerful and secure web conferencing experience that allows you to meet anyone right away. No plugin to install, as simple as a click, whatever the platform you are using. Now we’re working hard to grow and already work with startups and companies to implement Sylaps technology in their services.
@matthieublanco @akashnishar Unless you use Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer?
cool reminds me of appear in
I tried sylaps some months ago already and can tell you it has become my new go to meeting
@alex_botteri salut Alex! so many French guys in the WebRTC space ;)
Great! Finally something super easy. Is there a file size limit when sharing files? Also two suggestions on future releases. I'm sometimes using, but not very often, the give remote control function. Secondly something I like about some other solutions is to record meetings, and to be able to share this for demo or support purpouse later on.
@mikaellowgren Thank you Mikael for your feedback! We don't set a limit on file sharing for now, but of course it's not optimized for large files. What do you mean by remote control function? Something like teamviewer / vnc? The record meeting feature is on our to-do :-)
Great service guys ! I love the UX ! Next time I need to make an audio or video call I'll give it a try !
@dtourrette Thank you very much! We're working hard on few improvements :-) We love feedback et parlons français aussi.
@matthieublanco @dtourrette Un grand bravo à Matthieu et toute l'équipe Sylaps. On vous veut sur scène pour le prochain Meetup WebRTC Paris!
@arnaudbud @dtourrette Merci beaucoup pour les retours :-) avec plaisir je viens de m'y inscrire pour être prévenu dès qu'il y aura une date.