Swysh 2.0

Control your music without touching your screen

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Yanir Nulman
Yanir NulmanMaker@yanirnulman · Cornell 2020
Hi, I'm Yanir from Swysh. Really excited to announce that Swysh 2.0 is now available on the iOS App Store. Swysh allows you to control your music without touching your screen like in the .gifs above. Now, with 2.0, gesture consistency has improved and detection is also more accurate, so music wont accidentally start skipping around. We've added an interactive tutorial and more cohesive sensitivity setting. Battery impact has also decreased dramatically. All around Swysh 2.0 provides a more seamless experience while listening to music. Click Get It on the Product Hunt iOS app to get extra gestures. I'm happy to answer any questions. Happy Swyshing!