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@jackrometty Hey Jack, thank you for your interest in SWYO! And thanks Blaine for the post and invite. The major differences would be the client-less streaming on PCs, fact that you are not bound to LAN (Steam in-house) and hardware independence (not nvidia exclusive). When connecting via PC/thin-client you just need a browser and unique URL. If I message you the link, you can immediately start working, playing, collaborating on my PC. (cross-platform). I assume with framerate issue you mean the 30 fps decoding in android? You can still squeeze quite a bit of performance out of 30fps. How smooth the final version will be is hard to tell, as we only had concept proof prototypes so far. Even so, if it is not an FPS game, you are already able to play it and the experience is satisfying (Assassin's creed, Shadow of Mordor, GTA V,...). For FPS games we need to first rebuild the streaming program from ground up to gain the lowest possible latency. Prototype consist of 3 separate programs, with no timing sync. and software architecture limitations -buffers, internal CLKs,... The aim was to test our concept and get some data, and for that it works better than expected. But for further improvements we have to rebuild from ground up. With that FPS games will definitely be playable and we will work on smoothing the experience, look for possible improvements after that. Janis -Dev. and Inventor of SWYO
This looks really interesting, but so do all "access your pc from anywhere" apps. Forgive my ignorance, but what makes SWYO better? Are you worried about framerate issue? nice job!