A free, beautiful encyclopedia with FAQs

Swyde is a free science encyclopedic project to document scientific explanations and clarifications in the form of questions and answers.

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Hey humans! I love science, wikis, and FAQs! Swyde is my effort to make the Q&A on the internet better and fresh in a non-repetitive manner. I’d love to hear your opinions and feedbacks on this. AMA! :)
Beautifully crafted UI. wiki's needs some love too
@naveen_pr Thank you. The skin is so close to completion. Once done, it will be available for free.
Congrats on launching! I'm a science nerd and love that this exists. How did you source the content for this? Did you write it all yourself? It looks like a great start, though I wonder how you're planning to scale the design when you go from 50ish to 1,000 content pages
@jasonshen Thank you. :) Yes, I write most of the content myself. I've already written some science articles at Geekswipe.net. I sourced a few contents from there and re-wrote them as FAQs, to begin with, and branched out with the internal linkception. Most photographs and images are sourced from creators and organizations around the world who have shared it under Creative Commons. When I have loads of free time, I also create illustrations for some contents. :) About the scaling part, the current stack ensures me for a moderate traffic with 1000 pages with on-demand temporary scaling upgrades. On the design front, it's still a work in progress.
Wow! I liked the idea; I was planning about the same from couple of months; but couldn't. Can we connect over a twitter DM?
If you have feedbacks and would like to connect with other Swyde users, join our Telegram group - https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEObto...