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Swoup saves you money when you shop so you can use that saved money to fund what's important to you: pay down student loan debt, fund a future education, support your favorite charities, or save for other goals like a wedding, vacation or retirement. Why use your money if you don't have to. Swoup does the work, all you do is swipe and shop.

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Hi everyone! Phil here from Swoup. We are super excited about our product and would love your feedback and input. And of course, we'd love you to try Swoup. We developed Swoup to help consumers turn everyday purchases into an opportunity to fund other life goals such as: paying down student loan debt, paying for a future college or trade school education, supporting your favorite charities, or simply save for other goals like a vacation, wedding, retirement or whatever matters most to you. And you can even crowd-fund your goals by having family and friends link to your account from theirs on Swoup... this makes the impact even bigger and helps you achieve your goals even faster. But that wasn't enough. We want to help you do all of this without increasing your budget or changing your buying behavior. How you might ask? Well let me give you a little back story. I used to work in finance and specifically in trying to help people achieve their retirement goals. Most of the advice given goes something like this: max your 401K, put more money away into savings, invest in the stock market if you can, and when all else fails - cut back on life expenses. Unfortunately, incomes don't always keep up with the cost of living and we don't think you should have to wait until you're much older to live life the way you want AND achieve your goals. So we asked ourselves, why should saving have to equal sacrifice? Well, it used to... until now. Swoup was designed to be fun, simple and do most of the work for you. Swoup is smart, meaning we use artificial intelligence to curate your personalized feed of your favorite products at a discount. You simply swipe through the offers and go shopping to buy those products. And we don't add a single additional step at checkout. It is sort of like using other people's money to help fund the things you want to do. Why use your own money if you don't have to, right?. I mean you are buying the products anyway so why not save the money if there's no work involved... after all, every little bit counts and it all adds up... quickly I might add. Just think, the next time a cashier or online purchase asks you if you want to donate or spend an extra dollar for charity or whatever, you can say 'no', because with Swoup you can use the money you saved buying that product instead. You don't spend a penny more than you budgeted for. You get to buy exactly the products you want, at a discount, and use the saved money for other things. Also, if you told us to donate the money you saved to charity, you get a tax deduction as well. That's why we like to say: Round down. Live up, which basically means spend less on the products you buy and live a "richer" life and do the things you want to do. No additional budgeting. No additional income. Just swipe & shop to save, pay for college and donate to charity. We hope you will give us a try and please send us any comments or feedback. We'd love to hear from you!
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It has been genious! I get to buy the products I want and support my favorite charities. I don’t shop without it.
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@sonny_stafford Thank you Sonny. Love that you are enjoying Swoup and are seeing the benefits. Our goal is to make it so easy that it's a no brainer. You are buying the products anyway, why not use retailer and manufacturer discounts to save you money AND support your favorite cause(s). Win win in our book. Happy Swouping and keep the feedback coming.
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Swoup is like couponing without everything that I find annoying about couponing, with the added bonus that I can distribute my savings to exactly where I want them to go!
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@kikischirr What I love is automatically contributing to my favorite charity (doctors without borders) without adding one cent to my budget!! SWOUP tracks my discounts and uses those savings to finance my charitable contributions.
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@kikischirr One more added benefit... Swoup enables people to crowd fund paying down student loan debt, future education costs, charity donations and savings by having friends and family link to your goals through Swoup. That way each time they shop and save using Swoup any portion of their saved money can also go towards your goals. The impact of having your family and friends helping you out is so much greater than if you were doing it alone, especially when it comes to student loan debt. Every dollar saved means that your loans or education gets paid for that much faster! :)
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Such a convenient and easy way to save at the store AND apply those savings where I want. Swoup has really changed the way I use my coupons! Love it.
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@jennifer_chung1 Thanks Jennifer. So glad you are enjoying Swoup and your Swouping experience. Keep the feedback coming.

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Iphone only

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This is such a great app. It does all the work for you and saves you money.
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Hi Cedric! Thank you for your review. Happy to report that Android is on its way very shortly. We're super excited about that and will let everyone know when its ready.