5 minute "body weight" video workouts you can do anywhere

Sworkit is the most flexible fitness platform available. Choose the amount of time you have and your goals and we'll show you exactly what to do using a video guided experience.

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Founder and developer of Sworkit here. Created Sworkit as I was learning to code in 2012 as a way to get a workout from anywhere. It had been a great adventure in building the product, interacting with users and even being acquired by Nexercise. Sworkit is a fitness app that helps you get a quick workout in no matter where you are and provides the easiest personalization out of any apps in this space. Would love to hear what you think. Thanks!
@heryandotus thanks for creating this! BTW have you seen @codyapp?
Dead simple app with great strength and flexibiiity activities you can do the go.
I've used it multiple times. Great when traveling. 7M workout app and fitstar on my phone are also pretty good
@heryandotus great work! I'd love to know if and what are the results that your users have discovered through this app ;) do you have some page showing off that?
This looks cool! I'm going to try it tonight!