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SwordPen is a straightforward copywriting service for startups, small businesses, and indie makers. We review/edit/write the copy on your landing page, website, and other marketing-related materials. Automate your copywriting with SwordPen!
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Anthony Dike 🌻🐝
Building Brand @ProductPersonHQ
🔔*** UPDATE*** : we launched a 2.0 with a better website and a pricing structure more focused on single projects and less on subscriptions. You can find it here: https://www.swordpen.co/ 🔔-------- Hi everyone 👋 Thanks for hunting me @juhaszhenderson 🎉 SwordPen is a copywriting service that will review, edit, and write all of your copywriting and make sure that your product or service’s value and message is understood clearly by your potential customers and audience. Right now, we're a small group of New York University students (including myself) + other writers in NYC. We hope to add more writers in the future. -- Nightmare situation: Person finds their way to your website. But, they have no clue what you’re selling. So, rather than continue to be confused, they leave. Do you know how often that happens to your business? I want to help you fix that. Using SwordPen means automating your copywriting to writers that are learned in the advertising principles of David Ogilvy and the persuasion techniques taught by Robert Cialdini PhD. 🗽 In-house writing team in NYC to fulfill orders, ensure quality, & scale ✍️ We review/edit/write landing page copy, website copy, and any other marketing-related materials 📈 Ensure your copy is clear, concise, and converts to more customers and sales Submitting your request to SwordPen takes 30 seconds and starts only at $99! I’ve also got a ProductHunt exclusive discount code for 10% off for early adopters: ‘EARLYADOPTERS’ . This code expires this week 🙂 I’d love feedback––thanks for reading this 🙏 -Anthony -- P.S. SwordPen is based on an idea I had to create services and products that help small businesses with specific needs, especially marketing needs. Hopefully more to come in the future! :)
Amos BloombergProfessor at New York University

The price is right and the work is good.


Fast, well-crafted, and persuasive!


SwordPen is a pleasure to deal with, understands concepts very quickly, and has no cons as far as I can tell.