Tinder for cocktails

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Hey thanks for hunting this, @chrismessina! I'm one of the devs behind this and will be hanging around to answer any questions and maybe tell some jokes. Swizzle is basically Tinder for cocktails, we built it atop the onthebar drinks database which is a huge repository of cocktail recipes constantly being added to by bartenders from around the world. My two favorite parts of Swizzle: 1. Once you start saving drinks it'll generate a shopping list of spirit brands ordered by how often they show up in the drinks you save and 2. We did a Facebook Messenger integration to make sharing of drink cards into a FB chat fast and seamless.
@istanb4u @chrismessina Cool Messenger integration! Once inventory fills out, it would be very cool to find cocktails near me, e.g. the most famous, highly rated drinks in SF, so that I can make them at home or even go out to try it at the bar.
@moxon @chrismessina Totes. We hope the signal from Swizzle users will let those really exceptional drinks (and their makers) surface to the top. It's an odd space where there's tons of consumer enthusiasm and constant innovation happening in bars and restaurants but very little structured digital recording of any of it.
@istanb4u @chrismessina Excited to try this out Ian! My goal this year is to learn how to make 10 new cocktails, so Swizzle will be my new companion. Timing also seems right as craft beer growth is somewhat slowing and craft spirits / DIY cocktail culture is on the rise. Maybe a future integration with Drizly for easy ordering of the cocktail ingredients?!
@matthewerley @chrismessina Funny you mention that! I've been chatting with @basche42 about it a lot lately :D
@chrismessina you love dem cocktails!
No. Just stop. "Oh, bro, you gotta check it out, it's basically Tinder for-" Enough. #dayenu