Connecting gamers for local co-op and online multiplayer 👾

#1 Product of the DayOctober 29, 2018

Switcher.gg connects Nintendo Switch players with others for local co-op and online multiplayer based on games that they own.

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Since we launched the site just a few days ago, the response has been insane! We ended up as the #1 thread on reddit multiple times and have gotten thousands of registered active users. We've been featured on many top gaming news sites (IGN, Silicon Era, Dualshockers, NintendoLife, etc) and are continuing to pop up all over. You can read more about our launch on our press page here: https://switcher.gg/blog/press
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Literally use this everyday


Simple, fun features, connects me to other


That this isn't available for other consoles

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Using it everyday and getting updates regularly. If you want to find people playing switch, you need this.


Does what Nintendon't, finds players playing your games


It's not available for other systems (yet)

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Maybe one day I will buy Nintendo and will use this Switcher.gg, good luck the company and his users
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Well will try to use it, thank you for information
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