Switchboard is your instant voice network. It gives you a hands-free intercom between close friends and colleagues to let you chat more spontaneously, as though you're in the same room. You control your availability so that you're easy to reach when you want and you can focus when you need.

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I've been using this for a few weeks with my husband and it's a huge hit in our house! Previously we had set up a private Discord server but found the constant connection distracting with no privacy. With Switchboard I can reach him whenever I need, even if he's got headphones on, without yelling at the top of my voice inside the house. He's happy to not have a yelling wife. 😄 It's also been good to use while coordinating with a remote engineering team, and has replaced our persistent Google Hangouts group. Engineers can focus on work, I can reach them whenever I need, it's a win win. Great product.
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@marymin at home use case and remote work, love it... looking forward to see if others use it in both a work and personal / social context!
Hi Hunters! We set out to build something that would change the way we use our voice to communicate. We started with the idea that the most important people in your life, whether they are friends, family or colleagues, no matter where they are, should be available without needing to schedule specific times to meet. What we ended up with is Switchboard, an intercom for your phone that lets you talk to your important contacts instantly when they are available. It is a seemingly simple concept, but thanks to presence indication and other features that make it faster than normal calls or video meetings, it enables more spontaneous conversation as if you’re in the same room. (We also have some really exciting features in the dev builds that will be released into the wild soon...). Our team has been using the product and iterating to build the perfect tool for our own needs. And as a distributed team working on Switchboard from 6 different cities, we put this product through the wringer on a daily basis. Just like Slack, it takes time to work into your normal routines. But also like Slack, once it becomes a part of your routines, you don’t know how you survived without it. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Hope you like it! See you on Switchboard, Jim
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@jimsrand Great stuff! We have a team that's spread out geographically. Assembling people into a call is extremely clunky. When people want to talk, they don't like waiting, and every action (unlock, select app, contact drive up friction and drives down engagement). Over time I have used every type of chat/voice tool (Skype (hate it), Viber, messenger, original Google Chat/Talk, new voice, hangouts, meeting etc.) . Right now we like Facebook's Workplace/Workchat and Whatsapp. Last year I tried to bring Discord into the company and it was awful. The UI/UX was horrible. Your app looks great. I'm going to try it with some team members today. I'll keep you posted. Cheers Resh
@resh awesome, excited to help solve your communication issues. By all means feel free to reach out to myself or one of the makers on SB and we'll make sure we help to iron out any wrinkles. Thanks!
@jimsrand @resh Hi Resh - wanted to follow up with you and see if you'd be around for a quick chat about what worked / didn't work about Switchboard. I just sent you a friend request on Switchboard, but if you'd rather chat over email I respond to feedback@synervoz.com. Thanks very much in advance for your time.
@jimsrand I have an idea, could you contact me privately?
Congrats on the launch team! Things I’m most excited about here: 1. Starting a group voice chat with the ease of sharing a link. It’s bit.ly for phone calls. 2. Taking the friction out of “calling someone” when you’re working in small groups, especially remote. 3. Awesome feature being built into next version 🤯
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@mazzeo Thanks for hunting us. We're pretty stoked too. Can't wait to bring the rest of our vision into reality.

Working remotely sometimes means I go days without talking to anyone! I miss the pleasantries around the office, like "how was your weekend", and being able to just walk over to my colleague's desk to discuss something quickly. These critical parts that make up workplace culture are things that email and chat don't fully address. Those were the dark days before there was Switchboard!!


Voices come through crystal clear + instant connectivity! Really friendly helpdesk person who answers any questions you might have :)


It would be even more useful if I could get more friends and colleagues on this!

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As a remote worker, I use switchboard to communicate easily with my coworkers as well as with clients. It's great to be able to talk with my team at anytime like we are in the same room. For clients I love that I can just share a link for them to talk to me without having to signup if they don't want to.
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@kgesus awesome, glad you're enjoying the My Channel (link) feature. We built it to help loop people in that don't have the app / an account. Clients are a cool use case, thanks for sharing!