Open-source email processing built in Erlang

I helped develop Switchboard with Spatch (http://spatch.co/), and can answer questions. Our motivation in building and continuing to build Switchboard is to make it easier for developers to process and take actions on incoming emails.
Wonderful idea, if only it wasn't written in Erlang. It's a very suitable language for their are doing, probably, but having to learn how to use it in order to set this thing up is just too much of a pain, in comparison to making what they have in a language of choice. Of course, the end state for this product is probably to be open sourced and SAAS at the same time. Is there large enough Erlang community that would build up on top?
thought i'd post as i see a few products trying to modernize email. cc'ing founder @mickhagen, who I also met through his talent for rap -
@kirillzubovsky It's written in Erlang but it's glue from IMAP to WebSockets. If you really need this functionality it would be way faster than a ground-up rewrite.
@kirillzubovsky Yup, @bendrucker is right: Switchboard provides a translation from IMAP to WebSockets. Workers/clients connect to Switchboard over WebSockets, and can be written in any language: here's a basic email -> push notification worker written in Python: https://github.com/jtmoulia/swit... You'd only have to work in Erlang for extending Switchboard's core functionality. But, even then it hopefully won't impede core development much -- Erlang's lightweight processes and failure handling make it a great fit for Switchboard.